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Thank you for visiting the site! We are an online community established August 2009. If you would like to join an organization with a family-style atmosphere, then you have come to the right place.

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  • Taino Spirit   by Aguilar Whytwolf
  • Random Paintings   by Juan Timoteo de Soto
  • Impressions of Nature   by Azar Vaghefi
  • Happy Mountain Art   by SynergyLu
  • Allegra's Art   by Allegra J
  • Jewelry by Misa   by Misa Yamasaki
  • Starving Artist  by Kerri Broderick
  • Wesolowski   by Trish Wesolowski

Featured Musician: Gina Rene - Be The Change - from her new album Episode:1 "Renegade"

Author T.L. MITCHELL:        The Nightman

Caitlin, a beautiful woman who is caught between the control of one
ruthless vampire and her only desire for love.
Dorian, a vampire with only one desire; to devour the beautiful Caitlin. 
He has waited for a hundred years for the chance of his immortal lifetime.
The NightMan watches and protects.  His heart longs for something more,
something to free him from his bonds.  A reason to fight. A reason to live.
A reason to love.
One mysterious night under a new moon, love blooms, passions flare and
freedom is so near.
Can one night of love change the lives of three people?  Who will be the one to
overcome in The NightMan?

The NightMan
Publisher:  Knight Romance Publishing
ISBN:  9780615385631
Genre:  Paranormal Romance/Short Story
Pages: 60
Available in Kindle and Paperback

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Established by Bonnie Lea Elliott, author of the novel Captive Soul.

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Amarna West Publications Founder

Kandake E. Brockington was born in Oakland, California. She is an author, artist, and musician. She is expected to complete degrees in English: Career Writing and Anthropology: Archaeology at San Jose State University by 2012. She lives with her husband,two children, and two cats in San Jose, California.

She was nine-years-old when she wrote her first short story and has been writing ever since.It has been her lifelong dream to become a published author.

Journey through Darkness:Book I of the Journey Saga is her first published novel.

Official Website of The Journey Saga


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